Hotel Helverica



Every day we reinvent our dishes with fresh produce, exploiting every flavour to the maximum in order to create a distinct and unparalleled fusion. We’re firmly committed to the concept of never using chemicals and to make sure that our dishes are unforgettable. Completely home-made with local and artisanal products that are already staples of our cuisine.

Day by day we continue to research on new ways to prepare our food, resorting to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our chefs Hans and Raphaël, who are already representatives of our restaurant. With their culinary experience and love for the kitchen, they imprint dedication and their essential touch to every meal. Having travelled around the world through places in Africa and Europe like Poland, France, Switzerland, etc. they have nurtured their experience and, having met in Mexico, they have merged their distinctive flavours and styles, guided by the same passion for cooking and giving birth to what is now “Asiarico 14”.

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